Photos of Flowers for Sale

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Impressionistic Photography of flowers by David Anthony Batten
Sample above - Number 15.

Before entering this site to view the Portfolio of photos of flowers in the wind. I would like you to forget about photography and its precise clarity as a medium for creating and recording images. I would like you to think about the works of those Impressionistic painters of the 19th century, Monet, Cezanne and Van Goch who was considered to be an expressionist painter . Consider the evocative feelings of the imagery they created with their personal styles of painting. Without a necessity for clarity. Images built up by thousands of strokes of the paint brush building up layer upon layer until, the final image comes together. Resulting in an image, not clear and precise. Devoid of detail, but still representing a stunning aesthetic reality of what was there.

These Impressionistic photos are a moment in time captured, as the wind dances through a Bouquet of flowers. Allowing the Ballet of the flowers to paint across the Cameras image receptive area with movement, time and colour. Like the Impressionists Painting, the fusing of colours and the vague forms, creates the impression of the scene.

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